Did the wheels just fall off O-BOMB-YAs applecart?

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Russian Deputy Foreign Minister received evidence showing rebels were behind chemical weapons attack...


First of all, it adds to Obama's credibility by showing that he was right in not marching off to war immediately but giving peace a chance.

What are Obama's priorities? What he has accomplished is that this report will be read by the rest of the world and it will be decided whether it has any credible evidence contained within it. That's a dangerous situation for the US because once contrary evidence is at least read then it carries some weight. It's really the opposite of walking out of the General Assembly by the Western supportive countries when Ahmadinejad spoke.

And so, was that Obama's objective all along or does this fly completely against his objective of going to war. I think the former.

Russia and Syria have now gained the privilege of at least stating their case.

This in fact is not a challenge to the UN but is just a challenge to the Western supportive propagandists who took the findings of the team and spun it to their advantage in a dishonest war. It never was concluded that Syria bore the responisibily for the gas attacks.
This liberal bilge is actually reminiscent of the old days of Pravda.

On Tuesday: Ivan is a great guy.
On Wednesday?: Oh, Ivan was a counter-revolutionary. We shot him.

Liberals can just turn on a dime so adeptly. Hypocrisy is their life blood.

On Tuesday: Bomb them!
On Wednesday?: Whoever said anything about bombing them?