Did the Boracho Illegal Alien Pee on the Peppers?


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"Highly intoxicated immigrant suspected of entering the US illegally in truck full of chilli"...........................
I will not be eating any Serrano Chilies in the near future. It seams that a Tequila drunk Mexican Illegal Alien was captured at the border lying face down in a truck load of Serrano Chilies. The article says that he was lying face down on the peppers, that means that he was in position to take a leak, a common practice with drunks. Lying face up would mean that he pees all over himself. I eat a lot of Mexican food out here, but I will back off for awhile. We had the same problem with Lettuce, etc, the Illegals pee all over the stuff, when they are out in the fields working, just another reason to not pass Immigration reform without securing the Borders first. Face it, Mexicans hate US, and would piss all over US if given the chance. I love that Liberal headline..."immigrant suspected of entering the US Illegally"...say what...that should be Illegal Immigrant?