Did Shellie hit George?

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Lake Mary, Fla., police released more records Wednesday on the confrontation that occurred at the pair's home earlier in the week. Shellie Zimmerman had returned to gather some things as she prepared to divorce her husband. When George Zimmerman returned, they began to argue and record each other.

The police reports detail what has previously been reported -- that Shellie Zimmerman initially phoned police saying George Zimmerman was threatening her and her father, that she accused her husband of hitting her father, that he smashed and slashed her iPad.

It's now a little clearer why police have said either Zimmerman might be charged with domestic battery.

When police arrived, George Zimmerman told officers that Shellie Zimmerman's father, David Dean, had thrown down his glasses and charged at him to get into a fight, and at some point during the confrontation, Shellie "smacked him several times on his back with the iPad."

That's when Zimmerman took the iPad and smashed it over his knee, he told police.

Although it's undisputed that George Zimmerman destroyed the iPad, officials have pointed out that it was jointly owned, and you can't charge someone for destroying his or her own property.

Since no one involved with the tiff wanted to press charges, unless officials can resurrect the remains of the device to see exactly what the device recorded -- and, perhaps, how it was used -- they don't have enough evidence to charge anybody with anything.

Who really cares who hit who. The best thing about it is that the both of them are trailer trash lowlifes and will provide much more entertainment for us as time goes on.

Decent people won't support either of them obviously. Why would anybody bother? The best thing that could happen is that one of them will shoot the other dead before long. That would put the survivor in jail for a long time and no threat to society.

Isn't America and it's guns wonderful!
I want to propose a soap opera about this man's life. I'll work on a script; ya'll best not be stealing my ideas now!