Did Obamas pets do it again?

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A hardline Islamist rebel group fighting against the Assad regime seized control of a key border town and killed a number of civilians and fighters belonging to more moderate opposition factions on Thursday, as fighting between rival rebel groups intensified.

um dudes why the fuck do you think they are arming certain rebels?

So they can kill the AQ they are now fighting against also.

There is a rebel power struggle and that is why we began arming.

Now we KNOW who to arm in the rebel faction.

those rebels will now be killing AQ.

Im sure you will find a way to hate on the Admin for it.

its all you know how to do.

Putting your hate fail over country and everything else
Now do you begin to recognize just how fucked up your automatic setting of hate every the American president does is?

You are helping AQ
LOL, if the Obama-backed "freedom fighters" do something the public thinks is good, he'll take the credit, but when they slaughter innocents, what'll he do? Blame Bush?

Remember Benghazi?