Did Obama lie when he said these words?

Answer; yes he was.

A better question is when has Obama not lied? When he admitted that he did not have the experience or resume to be President when the leftist media were all drooling over the prospect of him becoming the first "acceptable" black candidate for President.

That's the first and only lucid and honest moment this inept hyper partisan buffoon has had.
I haven't seen a list of Obamas policy accomplishments yet.

Have you?

I'll start one:

(1) he has created the most divisive political climate of all his predecessors using a Marxist class envy message that only dimwitted dullards can gullibly fall for.

(2) he has overseen the worst economic recovery of any of his predecessors.

(3) he has further eroded our national reputation abroad with drone attacks and NSA spying on allies; exposed by a contractor named Snowden who was not properly vetted and had access to vast access to secrets.

(4) he has overseen the most rapid accumulation of debt in our nations history.

(5) he has overseen the highest deficits, over what will be, his entire Presidency.

(6) his record of economic malaise will never be matched by any future President securing his place in history as one of the worst and failed Presidents in our history.

It is a record that comes as no surprise when the sheeple elect someone so inexperienced and inept for the biggest job in the world.