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Of all the soft-cushion drubbings Barack Obama has taken at the hands of once (and future) cheerleaders, none is as silly as an op-ed in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The piece is titled “Obama will have to take his lumps,” but the context suggests Tucker is using the metaphor in the sense of “one lump or two?”

Her argument, if it can be rightly called that, might be encapsulated as “Sure, Obama lied, but only after those conniving Republicans sabotaged his undeniably excellent health care reform law, thereby forcing his hand.”

The sabotage claim, which did not originate with Tucker, was neatly dismantled in a Best of the Web Today column by James Taranto, who points out:

The idea that Republicans have ‘sabotaged’ ObamaCare is ludicrous on its face. Sabotage entails destroying or damaging something by subverting it — by stealthily undermining it from within. Republican opposition to ObamaCare has been neither stealthy nor ‘within.’ Every Republican member of Congress has opposed ObamaCare consistently, openly and honorably.