Darla Banned

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on indefiniate mod break
60 days, rule 12.

Just real brief, in case there is any confusion, this ban had zero to do with any of the quoting of ILA's stuff the other day. Yes that was the impetus for her to break the rules, but I don't want any misunderstanding on that front.

Her violations were separate instances.

The stuff she said was much later in the day, was 100% over the line, and in fact was done with the express intention of being banned. (she even tweeted me this intention) She had full knowledge of what she was posting. And for anyone that wants a frame of reference, as far as rule 12 violations go, I don't think anyone has crossed the line more than she has.

I no doubt see people staking themselves out on various sides, some will say she was "driven" to post what she did but the bottom line is she broke the rules, she broke them willingly, with a desired outcome, and darla 100% deserves this ban.
Not open for further replies.