Chris Christie, The Next Republican Great John McCain Hope.

philly rabbit

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Are the Republicans kidding with this guy? Come on, they can't be serious can they? The GOP establishment is already making noises about the great fiscal conservative who to my knowledge has yet to lower anybody's taxes in New Jersey as their next presidential standard bearer. Christie is an Obama boy who wants both sides to "come together." He is A typical of coming straight out of the John McCain inner circle of GOP eastern progressive types but at least McCain had recognition as some sort of war hero because he managed to get his plane shot down in Vietnam and was popular among many military families but Christie? Hillary would clean his northeastern GOP progressive candidate pool clock but Christie will never come close to getting the nomination anyway. My prediction has him defeated and out of the primary races early ala Rudy Giuliani in 08.

The Republican party is on it's death bed already mostly over amnesty for illegals but if they keep pushing these McCain type candidates and moving further and further away from their conservative base while doing it, the funeral will proceed shortly.
He doesn't have a chance. At least McCain had recognition. He'll get pushed and polished by the GOP inner circle but he will die early in the primaries, mark it down.

He's so typical of what the GOP thinks can win the electorate and it is that inner circle who always gets the candidate they want, not who the party's base wants.