Child dies in car while father smoked pot outside


PHOENIX — The father of a 3-month-old boy who died after being left in a car was believed to be smoking marijuana in front of the carwhile his infant son was still inside, according to court documents released Friday.

Daniel Gray's son, Jamison, died Wednesday after being left in the vehicle, parked at his workplace, for more than an hour, according to Phoenix police. Gray, 31, was charged with manslaughter and child abuse in connection with the death and remains in Maricopa County Jail, unable to pay a $100,000 bond.


He initially told police that he had gone to B.T. Sports Pub on his day off to check on some things, according to Phoenix police and Maricopa County Superior Court documents. A witness observed Gray and an employee standing in front of the parked car outside B.T. Sports Pub and assumed they were smoking marijuana, according to court documents.

When investigators questioned the employee seen with Gray, the employee admitted that Gray asked him for marijuana and that both went to stand in front of the vehicle. That employee was unaware that the infant was still in the car, according to the documents. Gray did not tell detectives what he and the other employee were doing.

By the time the infant was removed from the vehicle, shortly before noon on a day when the high was 107 degrees, he was unresponsive. Temperatures inside a closed car can rise to more than 170 degrees when the outside temperature is 100 degrees, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Jamison was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital.

Gray, a kitchen manager at the pub, told police he had "lost track of time" while checking on business there. When Gray remembered his son, he retrieved the unresponsive baby and took him into the pub's cooler where a co-worker began to perform CPR while another called 911. The first officer to arrive at the scene also tried to revive the child before an ambulance arrived.

"There's no question" that Gray didn't intend for his son to die, a prosecutor said Friday during Gray's initial court hearing. However, Gray has a criminal history of substance abuse and he was grossly negligent, said George Kelemen Jr., deputy Maricopa County attorney.

Gray served about a year in prison after he was convicted of aggravated driving under the influence in 2010, spent three months in jail in connection with marijuana possession in 2006, and was jailed for two months in 2004 also related to marijuana possession.

The prosecutor called Gray's actions in his son's death are akin to an inattentive drunken driver causing the death of a passenger. "The state believes the tragedy that occurred Wednesday is not simply an unavoidable mistake of a thoughtful parent," Kelemen told a judge who set bail for Gray. Gray doesn't yet have a lawyer.

Another responsible pot smoking parent....
It's a horrible story as are the frequent ones about the Christians who deny their kids medical care to please their God or rather their church.

Marijuana is illegal in Arizona. That did not prevent this tragedy. Child abuse might as well be a sacred ritual and legally protected for Christians.
I lived in Vegas for 15 years. people just forget they are the one with the kid today.
Legalization will lead to less of this Investigators searching for answers into what caused the massive wildfire burning in and around Yosemite National Park have made some headway, fire officials said Friday. Most authorities are mum about the details, but one fire official in Tuolumne County offered a tantalizing clue when he recently told a community meeting that the fire was likely caused by marijuana growers. "We don't know the exact cause," said Todd McNeal, fire chief in Twain Harte, a town that has been in the path of the flames. But he told a community meeting that it was "highly suspect that there might have been some sort of illicit grove, a marijuana-grow-type thing." "We know it's human caused. There was no lightning in the area," said McNeal, a former captain with the Sonora Fire Department who has fought fires for 23 years for the Forest Service, the National Park Service and other agencies in the Sierra Nevada.
kids die every day in hot cars.

while living in vegas there were so many there that I found myself looking in cars when I passed.

trying to make political hey out of people being fools is right up your racist alley OP
Desh doubles down on her "shit happens, no biggie" rationale.

kids die every day in hot cars.

while living in vegas there were so many there that I found myself looking in cars when I passed.

How do I know you weren't really looking for things to steal?

trying to make political hey out of people being fools is right up your racist alley OP

LOL, "political hey"?

Do you see Zappa trying to make political "hey" out of people being fools in this OP?

Whoopsie Another "responsible" gun owner LYING to cover his own irresponsible ass...

Connecticut man shoots self while biking and claims it was hoodie-wearing ‘gang’

A Connecticut man, who accidentally shot himself while riding a bicycle, was arrested this week after lying to police and saying that a “gang” of men wearing black hoodies had attacked him.

The Connecticut Post reported that Stratford police were notified on Thursday that 22-year-old Wendell Docteur was being treated for a gunshot wound to his right leg. Docteur told officers that he was riding his bike “when he was confronted by a half dozen men, dressed all in black with hooded sweatshirts covering their faces,” according to the paper.

Docteur claimed that the gang had robbed him of his money and then yelled, “North End, North End,” as they fled. The North End is a neighborhood in Bridgeport.

But Docteur finally admitted that the gun in his waistband had gone off and he had shot himself after he was not able to explain why there was only a hole where the bullet exited from his pants. He was also not able to tell police what happened to his handgun after the incident.

Docteur was charged with making a false statement, unlawful discharge of a firearm and failing to report a lost firearm. He was released $10,000 bond. A hearing was scheduled for Superior Court court on Sept. 5.
kids die every day in hot cars.

while living in vegas there were so many there that I found myself looking in cars when I passed.

trying to make political hey out of people being fools is right up your racist alley OP

why throw the race card in this situation? It added nothing to your post. Your point was a good one. Why ruin it with some race-baiting? You should ask yourself why you are so focused on race that you attempt to weave it into every conversation

As for the OP, you are right. It's fucking stupid to blame pot for the mistake of a human. People forget their kids all the time. I blame the requirement (due to airbags) to keep your kid in the back seat. Out of sight, out of mind. People are more apt to forget about their child if they are in the back seat as opposed to the front seat.

I think another solution could be to have an alarm the parent wears when using the child seat that will alert them if they stray too far from the seat.
Blaming pot is fucking stupid.

Disclaimer: I like to smoke pot. Biased view is biased
children dying accidentally in cars is not the same as gun laws

Children dying accidentally in cars because their dad was stoned and a man accidentally shooting himself are the same.

When Zappa was trying to make political "hey" out of people being fools did you call him racist?