ChicagoLand: How they celebrated 4th Of July - 9 Dead, 36 Wounded

With the long Fourth of July weekend not even half over, the toll from violence in Chicago stood at 9 dead and at least 36 wounded today, including two little boys, 5 and 7, seriously hurt while at parks with their families.,0,3358230.story

I see those strict gun laws are working really well....

So many 'Trayvon Martins' shot and killed in Chicago in the last few years and nobody gives a one even knows a name....and Obama don't claim
they would look like his sons if he had any.....guess there ain't no "white" Hispanics in Chicago....

74 the number of people shot since Wednesday afternoon in Chicago, with 12 of those victims killed.

But do not worry, Al Sharpton has said he plans to live in Chicago for a few months to work with neighborhood leaders on the problem.