Canada hates immigrants

Where is Monty the Mountie to defend the Land of the Maple Leaf as they mull denying health care (a basic human right, it's been said) to immigrants?
Death panels!!
Killing our grannies by keeping them from getting lifesaving medications (too expensive)
Not being able to see a doctor for months.
Lineups to see a doctor that stretch around the block.
World Health Org lying and saying our Canadian system is better than the US system and rated higher.
People on Vancouver Island lying and saying it's 60F outside this morning when any American knows that it's -40 and old people are frozen solid on street corners.

No use lying about it anymore, Americans have figured it all out and know the truth!
I feel suicidal, there's no hope, no use in going on. I'm going to be bankrupted by medical costs. It cost $100,000 to get my appendix out!
I command, the Mountie obeys...