Business, GOP establishment: Tea party is over!!!


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Poor Kenneth; this movement is just getting started. After a year or two of Obamascare, it will become a movement.
I have noticed some movements have disappeared.

The anti-war movement for instance, in spite of more aggressive drone attacks into non-belligerent nations, Obama surges, etc. I remember their rallies used to choke Manhattan streets up. I remember Cindy Sheehan.... anyone else remember her? She was useful tool for the lefties, until Obama got elected. Dang, probably couldn't fin her now with a brigade of detectives. How fast did the lefties dump this grieving mom once they were done with her?

Oh, and Occupy Wall Street.

Whatever happened to the Occutards? Did their astroturf movement run out of Soros money, or whoever it was that was funding them?

When the Occutards co-opted the Tea Party model of "a movement without leadership", libtards experienced spontaneous orgasms when discussing this wonderfully creative movement.

More liberal phoniness, double-standards, hypocrisy, and wishful thinking. Nothing to see here.
Now when you tea tards cant raise money anymore expect a dime at a time then maybe you will finnaly realize you had no power and were just a shell game for the wealthy what will you do?
I hope they don't die, I simply want them to splinter the Republican party and then start there own party.

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