Building the “Green Bridge”


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What are you thoughts regarding the Green Bridge initiative in Kazakhstan? Do you think that there is genuine political will to push green business and technology in Central Asia? Seems so from this piece...


On September 30, Astana hosted a major one-day international conference dedicated to creating the “Green Bridge”, Kazakhstan’s plan to create an ecologically-friendly and sustainable economy. The two-day conference received wide international support, and included the participation of the Prime Minister of Spain, Mariano Rajoy, who was on an official visit to Kazakhstan, and the Russian Minister of Natural Resources and the Environment, Sergey Donskoy.

The “Green Bridge” initiative, which focuses on developing multilateral partnerships, is ambitious and far-reaching but achievable with the necessary dedication and support. Kazakhstan acknowledges that sustainable growth requires a new level of international cooperation. Kazakhstan is rich in oil and gas and other natural resources, but it is vital that these are extracted with consideration for the environment, something which is not always the case.

Other priorities include investing in eco-systems; development of low-carbon technologies and making the necessary changes which affect climate change; sustainable, eco-friendly construction, including promoting “green” businesses and “green” technology; the promotion of sustainable lifestyles and the subsequent improvement in quality of life; the encouragement of ecologically-responsible agriculture; the use of energy-saving technology; recycling of waste; proper management of water resources; and encouraging similar developments throughout the Central Asian region.
Kazakhstan is rich in oil and gas and other natural resources
you didn't post a link, and don't really know, but intuitive thought shows Kazak. prolly is better off extracting the fossils?