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Come on guys, you need to put the cheerleaders in and quit beating up on Fla.

Jayhawks are down by 7, but I am surprised they did well in first half. Kicker needs to practice!
You know I love Ohio State but this game isn't even fun. What's the point? (unfortunately that's a rhetorical question)
The Cardinals beat the Panthers 72-0

I almost call it bad sportsmanship, can someone explain to me the need to crush your opponet?
The Cardinals beat the Panthers 72-0

I almost call it bad sportsmanship, can someone explain to me the need to crush your opponet?

For starters it's a complete mismatch. Throw in the fact you have a lot of back ups playing who don't necessarily get to play all that much so they want to show what they can do so they are playing hard. It's a game that shouldn't be scheduled.
No contending teams in the FBS division should play a FCS division team. This was a money making scrimmage. I was offered two tickets with really nice seats at half of face value yesterday at work and I turned them down. The Buckeyes have done this throughout the BCS era. It's all about money. The would rather pay a million dollars to some low level mid major or FCS (Div II) team then schedule a home & home game against a decent opponent. It has hurt them in the polls, in the strength of schedule rating and in preparation to play decent non-conference opponents.

In a way I can understand why OSU would go for the money. Why go through all that trouble for a mythological national championship by proxy, aka, the BCS? It's just been more important to the OSU AD to go for the money and they have!

Well starting next year with finally a real national championship game available (we hope...if anyone can screw that up it's the NCAA!) the Buckeyes won't be able to risk that. First due to the league expanding to 14 teams they will have to play 9 conference games and 3 non-conference games. They will have to play at least two home & home non-conference games. In the near future they will be playing most of their non-conference schedule against SEC, Big 12 and Pac 12 competition. Which is fine by me. When you have to pay almost $100 or more for seats the last team you want to see the Buckeyes play is some low level FCS team that doesn't stand a chance of winning.
Another thing is that these coaches "throw a bone" in the form of that money and TV exposure to those smaller schools oftentimes because the head coach at that school used to be on their staff. It has hurt OU in the past as well.
Unfortunately, since North Dakota St and Eastern Washington (two of the best FCS programs) beat FBS opponents, it will just encourage all of the others to see if they can do it, too.