British spies 'paid £100million to do America's dirty work'

cancel2 2022

Here is the 'Special Relationship' in action, you pay us to do your dirty work.

The US government gave Britain’s spying centre at GCHQ £100million over three years and apparently expected to influence its work, it was claimed last night. In return for the secret payments, the eavesdropping agency was expected to ‘pull its weight’, according to documents leaked last night by the fugitive whistleblower Edward Snowden.

One document states that weaker regulation for British spies than American agents is one of the intelligence services’ ‘selling points’ for the US. The leaked papers will raise more questions for the spy agency and ministers who oversee it, over the extent to which the US makes demands of Britain in its intelligence-gathering activities.

In a document from 2010, GCHQ said the US National Security Agency had ‘raised a number of issues with regards to meeting [its] minimum expectations’, and GCHQ ‘remains short of the full NSA ask’.

A cache leaked to The Guardian reveals the UK’s biggest fear is that ‘US perceptions of the … partnership diminish, leading to loss of access, and/or reduction in investment … to the UK’.

The information is the latest to be leaked by Mr Snowden, a former NSA contractor who was charged with espionage in the US.

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