Bet they weren't white guys

You talking about the 20 black guys that beat up the queer? Normally you would oppose queer bashing, but I guess you give the colored guys a pass?

HowAIDS will chastise you when he returns from his 30 days in Modmo
your a fucking racist

Nope. I treat people fairly not like you. You think coloreds need special help implying they are deficient. I don't.

You think because I use certain words that makes me racist. I would argue that your condescending, paternalistic attitudes towards coloreds is more racist. But I don't expect you to understand
what you do and say is what makes you a fucking racist.

Your stupid as fuck

Sweetie the shit I took this morning is smarter than you.

I could sustain a massive head injury and I would still be smarter than you.

But saying one is smarter than Desh is like saying you are the skinniest kid at fat camp. It isn't a high hurdle to clear.

To be fair unlike HowAIDS you know not to violate Rule#12