Azerbaijan and axis Moscow – Tehran

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Today Azerbaijan is to visit Flotilla of Russia with President Vladimir Putin. Why is that?

Azerbaijan and axis Moscow – Tehran

Today Azerbaijan is the node where the skew geopolitical interests of many countries, as the near neighbors and the EU, and even overseas America. Azerbaijan is a geo-strategic point through which pass the flow of energy in the Caspian basin to Europe, and very important in terms of consolidation of the Turkic countries and peoples in the vast area of the Angara River (the river in Turkey) to the Angara (a river in Siberia). Interested parties on the explicit control of this point in the world are Russia and Iran, for the economic well-being, as well as their political future depends on how they succeed. Tension also adds unresolved status of the Caspian Sea. Actually this is the reason for the appearance of the Moscow-Tehran axis.

As a result of the collapse of the Soviet empire, many people escaped to freedom, but not a few are left in "prison of nations". You can build any suggestion that it would be with Russia, if the oligarchs remained in power, but the fact that the fatal mistake of the Russian oligarchs, led Putin to power, stopped the further disintegration of the empire. It should be noted that not only oligarchs disappointed in Putin, who managed to hold KGB and West, being a "friend", as he called the simpleton Bush, Putin, Chechnya wetting and removing Eltsinovskoy rudiments of democracy, Russia launched a course "back to the empire" than unspeakably catered to the Russian people. Now the West has to deal with the Sovereign Sovereign democracy Putin, the defender and protector of Syrian dictator seeking to acquire nuclear club Tehran obscurantist. West with Russia comes on the same rake, helping her up. This brings to mind the east saying "drink milk snake - is like poison to accumulate in it." Economic strength empire once again is a force to be feared that in the first place to run away from her people and especially Azerbaijan and Georgia, through which the Baku-Ceyhan oil pipeline and the planned future date, bypassing Russia lay a pipeline for the flow of hydrocarbons from Central Asia. Russia's economy is completely dependent on how it manages to maintain a monopoly in the supply of hydrocarbons to Western Europe, it is understandable reason undisguised hatred of the Kremlin to support Georgia's aggressive intentions of Armenia against Azerbaijan. By the way, if you look at the map drawn by an Armenian by the Nazis, and Georgia Armenia has territorial claims.

The Islamic Republic of Iran today, is primarily a country that is in power mode religious fanatics wanted to write, but thought, fix - pragmatists, which is much closer to the truth, and here's why. The fact that the religious fanatics in Tehran represents the net of obscurantist populist considerations, responding worldview of the Iranian people, which is based on the ideology of Islam, but in the field of international politics and economics Ayatollah very practical and religious considerations do not come to the foreground, if not not present. Strange as it seems, but that ideology brings Russia and Iran - the total rejection of democracy. To the place to mention that, when Iran's Islamic revolution, the public was outraged democracies historical relapse and only Moscow kept a profound silence, because I always have respect for the totalitarian regimes whether in Nazi Germany or the new type - religious in Iran. Plans shakhinshakh Iran Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, who has received a European education, reform the public mind, to impose their own people the European way of life, was premature and caused a sharp rejection of the people than used the clergy, that was worth the Pahlavi throne. By the way, what happened in Iran similar to the situation in Russia - the Russian people, having tried the taste of Western democracy, rejected it as unsuitable, because democracy primarily involves the active participation of the people in economic and political life of the country than in a Russian national mentality .
Iran is in a world of rabble gathered around Putin's Russia, in the face of political freak Hugo Chaves, father Lukoshenko, armenian nazis and murderous dictator Bashar Assad. For the Tehran regime of religious obscurantism democracy is evil, and America as a bastion of democracy - the main enemy of Iran and how they want to present, all Muslims, which is fundamentally wrong, because, thanks to the efforts of America, have been saved Bosnian and Kosovar Muslims from genocide, arranged Serbian Nazis. Naturally, the enemy of the Islamic Revolution began, and Israel and not for the reason that Israel is at war with the Arabs, and therefore, that Iran, like any totalitarian regime needs an enemy to "mobilize the spirit" and eliminate the least free-thinking within the regime. Tehran is trying to take a leadership role in the Muslim world, and uses of the Arab-Israeli conflict in order to promote and no more. In fact, no rocket attacks on Israel Ayatollah do not plan, for very well aware that it will be the end of their regime. In this connection it is interesting to note that of those in power at the head of the Israeli right with Netanyahu used the rhetoric of Ahmadinejad threatens to distract the population of Israel from the serious social problems that have arisen because of their fault.

Of course, the fact that Iran has become a pariah of the international community, is a consequence of the establishment of a religious regime, but then why is Iran's policy hostile to the surrounding Islamic countries? In spite of Islam, Iran eight years war with Iraq. And, just for one day of the war in heaven to prekrasnobedrym carried away much more faithful than all the Arab-Israeli conflict. The paradox of the whole Islamic environment, the only non-Islamic country, bordering Iran is Armenia, but with this Christian country, Iran strategic partnership. Another important strategic ally is, again Christian, Russia. That's all, with whom Tehran regime found common interests. Why Azerbaijan, as close to the ethnic composition of the population, and the Faith (Azerbaijanis in greater mass Shia), Iran chose to Armenia, which is also at war with Azerbaijan? Why could not one Muslim country Iran's ayatollahs have not established not that friendly, but at least normal relations? That Tehran offered to support the Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad, it is only out of desperation and forced the latter's consent, of whom acre Russia, no friends, and who appreciate any help from the outside, in order to avoid the fate of the Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi. Most people of Syria Ayatollah hundred years is not needed. So what is the reason that in the Muslim World Islamic Republic of Iran did not find understanding? There are several reasons, but one conclusion - Faith is not a defining vector nor in politics, nor, especially, in the economy. When interested people from Tel Aviv and the Kremlin scare the West threatened Islam, war of civilizations, in this lie they pursue purely selfish ends to justify their aggression and colonial policy in respect of people who found himself Muslim (1). If you depart from the faith and decide purely practical problems of functioning of the Islamic Republic of Iran, then the reasons of tension and even hostility between Tehran and the Islamic countries.

So Azerbaijan. After the partial collapse of the Soviet empire, independent Azerbaijan unhesitatingly chose the democratic way of development, which should cause in Tehran that the ill-will, but rather a fierce hatred. In the initial period of independence of Azerbaijan, Iran has taken an attempt to persuade his people to the fold of religion, planning to create a network of religious schools, and also to take the difficult economic situation of the young state, inviting young people free education to the canons of Islam in Iranian schools. Fortunately the young leaders of the state did not provide the Iranian Islamists to turn in that direction. Currently booming Northern Azerbaijan was a direct opposite of South Azerbaijan, located in Iran. It is easy to imagine the fury makes ayatollahs in Iran vvergshih medieval nightmare Baku - shining pearl of the Caspian Sea, the secular city, which harmoniously combines Eastern and Western architecture, the city, the streets of which the woman may also feel free, as in Piccadilly or Broadway without fear of being thrown stones. Modern Baku, like Istanbul is a bridge between East and West, the leading edge soprokosnoveniya two cultures, where there is no hint of the clash of civilizations, which looked for interested people, frightening world of danger lurking for tolerance and multiculturalism, and for some reason, for no good reason , pozitsioniruschie themselves adherents of Western democracy (2). For the 25 million ethnic Turks of South Azerbaijan North Azerbaijan is a good example of the benefits of freedom and democracy. But the main reason nedruzheskogo Tehran's relations to Baku is in the geopolitical plane.

After the partial collapse of the Soviet empire in the political map of the World, a number of Turkic states. However, due to the current trend of Putin's Russia restoration of totalitarianism and as a result, the return to the empire, because only in this framework can prosper Russian people vsilu their mentality, the threat to be back in the clutches of the Russian bear for all, without exception, the newly independent nations, is real. Confirmation of this - the war with Georgia. And if not for quick reaction of the West and was not in the territorial waters of Georgia American frigate, to be re-Georgia voluntarily became a part of Russian republic.

Georgia's loss to Russia is very sensitive in terms of geopolitics. Free independent Georgia, as bone in the throat, creating a barrier of territorial continuity axis Moscow - Yerevan - Tehran. For the same reason, a key ally of Russia in the Caucasus, Armenia is in isolation, which inevitably affects the supply of the deployment of the Russian military contingent, since the old treaty with Georgia, providing for the transit of military cargo through Georgia revoked. But the thing that causes the anger of the Kremlin, is that the territory of Georgia is the only bypassing Russia and Armenia through her protege transportation of hydrocarbons from the Caspian basin to Turkey and on to Europe, which is cut off and beyond the scope of a failed military adventure against .
Economic independence of the former colonies of the Turkic Russia is directly linked to the possibility of implementing energy resources of the Caspian region, which is not satisfied, both Russia and Iran. But even more do not like either Russia with its Turkic underbelly of the Kalmyk steppes to the lake or Iran with twenty-five million people, Azerbaijani Turks, any consolidation of the Turkic countries, under the auspices of Turkey. This is sort of legacy of Tamerlane in the center of Asia may well resurface in force to be reckoned with, and that the main reason why hidden axis Moscow-Yerevan-Tehran, which is a stranglehold on the most vulnerable place a narrow strip border between Turkey and Nakhchivan region, geographically detached from the Northern Azerbaijan Zangezour, part of Azerbaijani lands transferred to the Soviet government of Armenia. Possible to prevent the capture of the Armenians of Nakhichevan region, you should consider transferring it to Turkey that, first, bring Turkey to Azerbaijan, and secondly, will be a symbolic step in terms of consolidation of Turks.
Situation related to the aggressive intentions of Armenia against Azerbaijan, entirely in the hands of Moscow and a smoldering wick Karabakh conflict may at any time set fire to unleash a regional war, a war to which Armenia is always ready and waiting only for the Kremlin's go-ahead to continue, started twenty years ago , capture of Azerbaijani lands, accompanied depopulation. I suppose, in Tehran, not only with joy perceive the disappearance from the political map of northern Azerbaijan and no doubt will be referenced in Allah will punish apostates.

Although between Baku and Moscow no open opposition, and the government of Azerbaijan demonstrates restraint and caution in relations with Russia, the country's security and well-being associated with the West and close alliance with Turkey, the only fraternal country, again proved their loyalty, when in 1918 saved Azerbaijani people from genocide, conducted by Armenian Dashnaks. If the security of the Baltic countries, the former Russian colonies from encroachment Moscow guaranteed by NATO, then the Turkic countries such guarantee is their consolidation into a union like the EU. It is time to remember the lessons of history, such as the war with Bayezid and Timur Tahtomyshem, Gara-koyunlu with Ar koyunlu, to end the rivalry at all levels, abandon characteristic of regionalism and tribalism Turks power, and Turkey as the most advanced, mature democracies country should here to play the leading role.

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