Assad 'launched chemical attack ibecause he was scared rebels would take Damascus

cancel2 2022

Claim by Hezbollah commander intercepted by German intelligence agency
But Assad's attempt to crush the rebels failed as West prepares to attack
Obama says 'international credibility is on the line' over its response
Russia has announced the deployment of a cruiser in the eastern Med
Putin yesterday warned U.S. against attacking Syria and provoking conflict
The Pope has summoned all diplomats to a meeting in a bid to stop the war

American and French lawmakers set to vote on any intervention
Bashar Al-Assad launched the chemical attack which killed hundreds of people because he 'lost his nerve' in a moment of panic and worried that Damascus would fall to rebel troops, according to new intelligence.

In a telephone call which was tapped by German spy chiefs, a senior Hezbollah commander told the Iranian embassy in Lebanon that Syria's president intended to tilt the balance of power towards the regime in the battle for control of the country's capital.

However, it appears that the chemical attack backfired, as it looks set to prompt a major intervention from American and French troops aimed at crippling Assad's military capabilities.
Barack Obama today spoke out to demand that the world take action against Syria, saying that the international community 'cannot be silent' over the use of chemical weapons.