Are Obama and Putin pulling the wool over US


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Did Russian leader Putin collaborate with President Obama to fool US and save Obama's credibility over his Red Line comment, did they "change the subject", because Obama painted himself into a corner? Did Obama's buddy Putin help to "saved" him? This video below proves that they know each other pretty well. I personally do not trust either one of them when it comes down to the use of Military force. I remember how President Johnson started the Vietnam War with all his BS Bay of Tonkin resolution crap. Democrat Presidential Administrations were in power during the start of every major war, WW1, WW2, Korea and Vietnam, because they weaken the Military and our enemies try to take US on, all true.
Those Russians all look the same.
I have read the Commie Manifesto many times, and I consider myself an expert on Communism, trust me all that BS about Communism being dead is Commie disinformation spread by the Lib biased mainstream media. Just another Georgi Soros ploy so that we let our guard down, letting our guard down means cutting back on our Military because afterall, Communism is dead, because China and Russia are Capitalist Democracies, OMYass.