Are Liberals new to the Political food chain?


The US has been around, as the US, since 1783.
Since that time our country has grown both in size and along with that came businesses.

This leads me to the threads question.
Are Liberals new to the Political food chain; because it appears that Liberals have been around, as long as anyone else.
This now leads into what seems to be the biggest discussions being held, at least on this forum, and that's businesses and wages.

Liberals seem to know exactly what businesses should be doing, in regards to wages; but then why aren't there large number of liberal businesses doing exactly what the liberals are saying should be done?

It would seem to me that if the liberal idea of how a business should be run, that they would be in the majority; seeing as how they've had the same opportunities as everyone else, for just as long.
Looks like we can use the Liberals inability to address this, as proof that they really don't have a clue as to how businesses are run and just want to use the wage issue as another soap box to whine and cry from.