another zappa peace keeper enforces order on citizen after minor traffic accident

A Bexar county sheriff's office deputy is suspended for ten days after he shot and killed an unarmed motorist after a minor car crash in San Antonio.

Bexar County Sheriff's Office public information officer Paul Berry says the off-duty officer left his job as a security guard in the early morning hours on Saturday. Soon after, the deputy and another man apparently had a minor car crash.

According to Berry, the two pulled over and started arguing. It's unclear whether the argument turned into a physical fight. Berry says the officer feared for his safety, pulled out his weapon and fired multiple shots, hitting and killing the other driver.

Berry says the officer was wearing his uniform at the time, and he says the other driver was unarmed. Both men have not yet been identified.

The investigation is ongoing, but the deputy keeps his badge and his weapon while the investigation is open.