Another Stand Your Ground Case In Floridia, Only This Time He Loses


[h=1]One hour of deliberation ends with guilty verdict against ex-student in FIU on-campus stabbing[/h]
Ex-Florida International University student Quentin Wyche never shied away from admitting he fatally stabbed an unarmed school football player during a confrontation on campus in March 2010. But the question, for jurors, was whether he was justified in using deadly force.

Three years later, the answer was a resounding no.

A jury deliberated just one hour Wednesday to convict Wyche, 25, of second-degree murder with a deadly weapon. Immediately handcuffed and jailed, Wyche faces up to life in prison.

Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Miguel de la O will sentence Wyche in the coming months for killing the popular tailback Kendall Berry outside the campus recreation center.


The verdict stunned Mellisscia Spillman, Berry’s mother, who wiped trickling tears from her cheek and hugged each member of the prosecution team.

“It’s just unbelievable to hear,” Spillman said. “It means a lot. It was just a long time coming, but we made it. Justice was served. The jury did a great job.”


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“I’m gonna get him. I’m gonna get him. I’m gonna kill him,” Orj recalled Wyche saying just moments before thrusting the scissors into Berry’s chest.
Wyche also taunted Berry’s friends as the young man crumpled to the ground, mortally wounded.
“‘That’s what you get for messing with me,’” Araujo repeated, adding: “Those are not the words of someone who is in fear ...

Those the words of a murderer.”

according to prosecuter...

The evidence must have been interesting....but I think "life" is a little harsh in this case....