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Fuaed Abdo Ahmed, 20, was identified as the man who took three hostages inside a Tensas State Bank in St. Joseph in Louisiana.

Ahmed was shot and killed by state officers while one of the hostages died and another is in critical condition. The third hostage, Patricia White, was released shortly before the shootings.

During negotiations with law enforcement late Tuesday, Ahmed said he was going to kill the hostages, Louisiana State Police said. State police then entered the building just before midnight Tuesday.

That’s when Ahmed shot the two hostages and then state police shot and killed him.
Another TeaParty guy goes nuts. No wonder you aren't seeing much of this on the news. Can't make the muslims feel bad

He claimed there was a device planted in his head. Maybe he was a liberal?

"mentally unstable and believed a device had been implanted in his head"
I probably missed this on the news as it probably aired right behind the endless stories on Benghazi and Obamas tanking poll numbers.