Another liberal lie exposed

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Well, aside from the fact that in general the exchanges ARE working and people ARE getting insurance and it isn't a piece of crap - I was already begging for single payer before the ACA got enacted. ACA is better than what we had before, but I'd rather have single payer. What I find highly ironic is that repubs - the supposed states' rights people - sat on their hands in so many states that the federal govt is now running the majority of exchanges. So yeah, it's one step closer to single payer. Wish we had it all the way!

By Wednesday afternoon, seven state-based exchanges seemed to be fully functional, while D.C.’s exchange, seven other state exchanges, and all 36 exchanges that relied on the federal government’s system weren’t working...

It's the same story for the Affordable Care Act's new health insurance exchange websites: Four days after they were supposed to be up and running, most of them still weren't working as of Friday afternoon.

While website readiness has improved a bit across the week—during Tuesday's launch, every site was down or error-plagued at some point—long load times and other site glitches still plagued nearly all of the new health insurance exchange websites across Friday.


Did you notice that libs aren't even trying to conceal their real Socialized medicine agenda now?