Another Florida racist guns down some kids for being black


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Well, at least the racist Zimmerman supporters won't be able to hide their racist bullshit behind weasel words like "he's hispanic" this time:

CNN’s Ryan Smith on Monday highlighted an upcoming trial in Florida that is eerily similar to the Trayvon Martin case. In both cases, an unarmed 17-year-old black male was left dead.

“I’m not an eye for an eye type person where I think he should be killed,” Ron Davis, the father of Jordan Davis, told CNN. “I don’t believe in capitol punishment. I believe every life is precious. You took my son’s life. That doesn’t mean anybody else should take his life. I think he should spend the rest of his life in prison because of the fact that you have to think about what you’ve done not only to Jordan but to his family, his friends, people that cry for him every day.”

Michael David Dunn, 45, told police he shot and killed Davis at a gas station last year because he feared for his life. Dunn had told Davis and his friends to turn down their loud music. He claimed the situation escalated and the teens began threatening him. Dunn started shooting because he thought they had a shotgun.

“It was either a barrel or a stick but, sir, they’re like we’re going to kill you and then they said, ‘you’re dead [expletive removed].’ What I should have done was put the car in reverse, but that shotgun come up or whatever it was – fight or flight – and I don’t think there was time for flight at that moment because I was going to get shot,” he told police.

Dunn fled the scene, but was arrested the next day.

Dunn, who faces a first-degree murder charge and three attempted murder charges, plans to invoke Florida’s controversial “Stand your ground” law in his defense. The law allows gun owners to use deadly force without the “duty to retreat” first if they feel their life is endangered.
yeah they are having their mantles taken away.

they just cant grok it was a stolen mantle to begin with