And The Collapse Begins


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It wasn't whether if it would happen just a matter of when it would start: Indy 34 Seachickens 28

Players(Richard "steroids" Sherman) quitting on plays costing the team 7 points, infighting now taking place on the team. Won't be long before they are 6-4, 6-5 and looking from the outside in at the playoffs, happens every year to the Seachickens.

Meanwhile in 5 Lombardi country(city by the bay) they are missing key players and still destroying a team that was predicted preseason to be an AFC S.B. contender, the NFL is officially on notice that two bad weeks does not a season make and that the Niners, unlike their friends from the Pacific N.W., do not have a history of folding up.

Niners finish 12-4, NFC west champs and most likely another S.B. trip with a strong possibility of hoisting #6
The Niners can still finish 12-4 but it's going to take a real strong finish. Pete has his boys looking good which is why I kept my mouth shut at the beginning of the year. I knew they weren't going to fold.