Abortion clinics closing

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More than 50 abortion clinics across U.S. have closed since 2010, report shows

Look kid. I don't believe in Abortions either but I believe there is a smart way to attack it, through pregnancy prevention. I think that is pretty common sense. It would deem Abortion nearly obsolete except for extreme cases.

I always attacked the Left on "It's a woman's choice" because there is a 3rd party involved, the kid. I recently met a gay girl couple. The dad of one of the girls kids decided he doesn't want anything to do with the kid anymore after 9 years. I don't understand it at birth but after 9 years?

I instantly understood that "MEN CAN WALK AWAY BEFORE BIRTH AND MAKE THE MOTHER DO ALL THE WORK, BUT WOMEN CAN'T" Now I understand the perspective that it's a choice. Perhaps if we are going to discuss laws to prevent abortion, we should also talk about laws that prevent abandonment? Both are done "for the better of the child" or they say................