A moral question - Part Deux


Since Billy is on his period and decided to ban me from his thread, I figured I would respond here.

Everyone's responses have a modem of probablity in them; but they're leaving out on equation.
Can you "group" absorb the members of another group, without putting your group at risk.
In such a scenario, certain things are going to be at a premium; ie: food, water, weapons, defensible shelter, transportation (whether it's autos or horses or whatever), etc.

Your group may have reached the "saturation" point of not being able to support the inclusion of any more people.

Someone mentioned that the other group may have a generator and your group may have a need for it, to run a welder; which may be the final thing you need to finish your defenses.

These situations only have a few alternatives:
1. leave them alone
2. barter with them
3. take if from them and then leave
4. eliminate them and take what you need

Desh would end up on someone's BBQ pit