A dangerous sport in more ways than one?

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One of Scotland’s top wrestlers is facing jail for homosexually molesting underage boys.

Colin McKay, known as The Highlander, bombarded his victims with sick messages and homosexually molested many children.

The former champion befriended many of his victims through his role as a wrestling coach.

McKay groomed his victims by sending them messages of a sexual nature.

He would then tell them to send him naked pictures.

He started targeting one of his victims just four months after he joined the Scottish Professional Wrestling Academy.

McKay added the boy as a friend on Facebook and then pestered him with questions about what kind of underwear he was wearing and asked him if he enjoyed watching porn.

When confronted by the boy’s parents, McKay claimed it was “banter”.

On another occasion, McKay became friendly with a 15-year-old boy.

He later took the boy back to his flat and sodomized him, then forced him against his will to perform in homosexual child porn.

McKay carried out his crimes between March 2011 and April this year.

Joshua Carrier was sentenced on Friday on 123 counts including sexual assault on a child, enticement of a child and unlawful sexual contact.

The pedophile was arrested after allegations emerged that he had molested 19 boys while a volunteer wrestling coach at Horace Mann Middle School in Colorado Springs.

When he was a volunteer wrestling coach he had wrestlers strip naked and then performed what he called “skin checks” by touching and examining the boys’ genitals.

Jurors could see exactly what happened in some instances because he taped what he was doing with a web camera.