25 Years Ago Today


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F you Gibson! I went to all three games in Oakland that year, my freshman year in high school, and I can remember it like yesterday. Nothing worse that seeing Hershiser being lifted in the air after his complete game to clinch in Game 5. Haha, 25 years later and I'm still bitter.

I remember that game. I was rooting for the A's because I've always been anti-Dodger and I always liked Eckersly.
I remember that game. I was rooting for the A's because I've always been anti-Dodger and I always liked Eckersly.
I was rooting for the A's too but it was a great moment. What a clutch hit against one of the all time great fireball releivers.

What was even better was two years later when the heavily favored A's got swept by the Reds. :)
The best birthday present I ever had was when my Reds won the 1975 WS on by B-day in what many consider the best WS ever. It was sweet! It's been a long, long time since then and I haven't had a sports moment come even close to that.
Of course what pisses me off about the 75 WS is not how the Reds spanked the BoSox and how the BoSox would have been crushed by the Big Red Machine had it not rained for 3 days in a row allowing Boston to use their best two pitchers Tiant and Lee for the last two games. It's that this is what most people remember about game 6.

I forgave Pudge years later when I was watching a White Sox/Yankees game. Deion Sanders was playing for the Yankees and he came up to bat and draws a dollar sign in the batters box with his bat. He then proceeds to pop up. Instead of running Deion looks at the ball for a second and starts trotting towards the dugout. That's when you could hear Pudge yell in a booming voice "Run the ball out you piece of shit!". Deion hears that and looks behind him and Pudge yells again "Run it out!". Deion ignores him and trots into the dugout.

A couple of innings later Deion comes up to bat again. Steps into the batters box, looks down at Fisk and says something. Fisk jumps right up throws his mask off and gets right in Sanders face, hitting in his chest with his pointed finger and is just yelling at Sanders with his face just inches away from Sanders face. I didn't realize at that time just how big a dude Pudge Fisk was.

Well it turns out what Deion had said to Pudge when he came up to bat was "Hey man, the age of slavery is over.". Fisk said he told Deion "I don't care if you are black, green, red or blue if you don't play this game the way it's supposed to be played I'll kick your ass right here and now!"

Needless to say Deion didn't say anything to Pudge after that. LOL

Anyways the whole incident was hillarious. Pudge but Mr. Showboat in his place. :)
Great story....and I agree with Mr. Fisk. I spent 10 years teaching kids to play the game the way it was supposed to be played...and loved it. It takes too much time away from my family to do it now but it was a great time in my life.

And my Cards got beat today. Back to St. Louis we go. My favorite time of the year.