10 Ways America Has Come to Resemble a Banana Republic!


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What will it take for America to reverse its dramatic decline?



And the answer is: Just as I've been telling you Americans all along. You need a total change of attitude and that will only come when you start to understand that the American way has failed the people. No, it's not possible in America today for the poor to rise up out of poverty. No, it's not possible for even the middle class to survive successfully in a system that is rigged against them.

Capitalism is the answer and will remain the answer but it's not the sort of capitalism that's being practiced in the US today. It's a brand of capitalism with social responsibility toward all it's people. And it includes government managed social programs which can only be run successfully by organizations that don't put profit first. In fact, it's a blend of capitalism with a little socialism, if you will, mixed in where it's needed.

The American people are not there quite yet but the situation is getting so desperate for many of them that they can't help but come to their senses soon. The coming disappearance of the tea bagger created mess will disappear as the baggers get fewer in number.

luv from Canada.
One of the biggest challenges of our time: Worsening income and wealth inequality in Canada.


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80 percent of our millionaires are first generation.
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