Wild Conspiracy Theory - Biden Threw the Debate


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The Biden pResidency is hugely unpopular - and the results and unmitigated disaster. Food costs have nearly tripled for families - fuel costs nearly doubled. Housing costs have ended the American dream for the younger generation of owning a home. Our border is open and 20 million unknown aliens have flooded in - openly aided by the Biden Regime.

Talking about the RECORD of Biden's failed pResidency places focus on the disaster he and his regime have been for the nation.

One strategy would be to change the focus from Biden's failed and destructive policies onto Biden himself. Get America talking about Joe's slide into senility to take the focus off of $9 a pound ground beef.

This leads to the conspiracy theory - deliberately come out as a senile old fool so that the focus is not on the policy but the man, in hopes of garnering sympathetic support for Biden.

Far fetched? Yep. Possible? Maybe.