Obama still going strong....


U. S. NAVY Veteran
Obama still setting records.....even outdoing himself.
Latest record set by Obama....
Number of U.S. expatriations reaches record high In 2013
Americans who renounced their citizenship or are long-term residents who gave back their green cards.
The prior highest number of published expatriates was in 2011.

The rest....
The number of Americans, 16 years or older and who have left the nation's labor force has pushed past 90,000,000 for the first time,
according to data released today by the Bureau of Labor -
A record 21.6 million young adults were still living at home
54 Months: Record Stretch of 7.5%+ Unemployment Continues
The number of Americans living in poverty has spiked to levels not seen since the mid 1960s, classing 20 per cent of the country’s children as poor.
record long term unemployment under President Obama is at the highest level since at least the end of World War II
record numbers getting disability
record numbers getting food stamps
record number of years Senate has not passed a budget
record high national debt
record of military suicides
record of military kia in Afghanistan
record High Gasoline at Pump Averaged in 2012
record largest monthly deficit in history in February at $223 billion...CBO ( deficit for the ENTIRE Year of 2007 year was $62 billion lower than this one month)
record 'first'....debt rating has been downgraded for the first time in our history under Obama.
record....The number of Americans designated as "not in the labor force" in February, 2013 was 89,304,000, a record high,