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    Default Yaya Banned

    Rule 12b, one week.

    I want to go over why we brought the hammer down on yurt, given there has been a lot of discussion about this rule involving a few different people.

    JPP has a history of sick fucks trying to get away with saying all sorts of shit. So we have had to be strict on this rule.

    At the same time, Mens Rea is a big part of our ruleset here. Sometimes we get into very subjective areas and we make judgement calls, and that's fine, that is literally what our job is as mods, to make these calls, otherwise we could just write a bot or something to ban people. We are allowed to make inferences as to peoples motives.

    So lately there was a bit of confusion as to who broke a rule and who didn't. Owls name for example was being thrown around.

    After deliberation re: owl, it was our collective judgement that owlwomen was using a common phrasing and had no intention to violate our rule.

    When you approach rule 12b, you go into the box. Some people come out of the box. Others get duct-taped in the box and kicked down the stairs. Owl got to come out of the box.

    But the point is even in her case, we at least discussed it. So even her utterance was on the table for a ban even though that's not what ended up happening.

    Yaya did something very different in this case. Yurt started a thread talking about someone was showing their manhood to kids and then getting a "stiffy" from it.

    It's important to note, Yaya was not asking an honest question. Instead, he's going "huehuehuehuehue look at the new trick I learned!"

    This type of attitude and our strict enforcement is EXACTLY what we are trying to prevent on jpp. It took one person being passed up for a ban for yaya to clasp his hands with glee at the new phrasing he might be able to use!

    So when someone is not posting in good faith, starts a thread about someone getting a "stiffy" by showing his manhood to kids - Thats a pretty textbook case.

    Furthermore, and most importantly - there is a very important line in rule 12b that we make very clear to people:

    "Do not try to approach the line to test us to see what one can get away with, if you approach the line, chances are you will not receive the benefit of the doubt."
    The above is EXACTLY what yaya did. He made a thread to see how far he could go with rule 12b and how close he could get to the line. Oops. Looks like you just played with fire and burnt your hands!

    Yaya tested us. Yaya deliberately engaged in something shady with rule 12b and ending up breaking the rule. If he was genuinely curious he could have pm'd me. That's not what he did. He approached the line, tried to see what he could get away with, and now, true to promise, we not giving him the benefit of the doubt.

    DON'T FUCK WITH US on rule 12b.

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    I love how you used Yaya and Yurt interchangeably.
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