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Thread: Why do all the Republican outgages....

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    Default Why do all the Republican outgages....

    always involve things in blue states that don't affect their pathetic thoughtless existence?????

    e.g California is charging a dime for plastic bags in grocery stores OMFG!!!!!!

    "someone in the city wants mental defectives to not own backpack nukes! Oh the humanity and effrontery to the 2nd!!!"

    Get off it you stupid trash. You live in tumbleweed junction. Your country fried steak breakfast will still be served by Flo, the hag
    whether we stop corporations from polluting our water or not. Keep your snotty noses out and just play smallball.

    You aren't even relevant. Why do you even vote? As long as I make sure the government buys and burys your oversupply of unwanted cheese
    can you please shut the fuck up and die already?

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    Bad day on the course?

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