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Thread: Why Christians just don't get it

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    Quote Originally Posted by evince View Post
    fuck off

    others can speak of their beliefs

    this is a free nation
    That's why I am Homophobic!

    I was born that way.

    And I'll be damned if some one says I don't have a subjective right to be overtly Homophobic!

    But otoh, I respect those that are not Homophobic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by domer76 View Post
    Probably would be better for people like Ralphie and Stretch and PMP just to shut the fuck up about the absolute "truth" of their book. And to stop invoking science in their lame attempts to prove the accuracy of their myths. They insult the intelligence of reasonable thinkers and the concepts of science. Nothing more that failed circular reasoning every time.

    Worship as you will. Just don't come on a public forum and try to claim a collection of fairytales is reality. When you do, you'll be called on your bullshit.


    Good post... Many of these Christians want creation pseudoscience taught in schools.

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