It was a big tease and left viewers holding the bag without a money shot.

Fortunately I didn't waste my time watching those interviews, but in watching the coverage on PMSNBC this morning, James Comey is not coming off very well in both his book and his interview with little Georgey Porgey. The lefties on PMSNBC are sad that Comey is making this personal as they feel it feeds into President Trumps criticisms of Comey.

What I did find odd is that all we hear is that Comey is a Republican yet his wife and household were diehard Hillary supporters. Now I guess it could be possible that Comey voted Republican while his entire house voted Hillary? But, then what are the odds that McCabe and Comey are both married to staunch democrats and vote Republican? Possible of course anything is possible. Plausible? Unlikely

I guess now the liberals hopes of taking down President Trump now rest with Michael Cohen.