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Thread: gun deaths vs alcohol deaths

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    Default gun deaths vs alcohol deaths

    alcohol related deaths out number gun related deaths by more than 100 to one but we have gotten so used to dui related deaths that we hardly notice unless one happens to someone we know or someone in our community

    why not the same uproar over alcohol related deaths as gun related deaths or perhaps more

    how many dui related deaths achieve national headlines vs how many gun related deaths

    we tried banning alcohol, but it did not work

    banning something rarely works

    you have to go to the source for true results - such as why people act irresponsibly or insanely - but this costs more than passing a law and a politician can point at a new law and say 'see, i did something about the problem'

    we live in a climate of fear produced by those that act irrationally and want to be protected from the irrational - but that takes a lot of time and money that we are not willing to spend, because it would raise taxes dramatically and require us (the voters and taxpayers - citizens) to do something personally - but - not most of us apparently or something 'real' would be in the works now

    oh well
    I pledge allegiance to the constitution of the United States of America as amended by the legislative and executive branches and interpreted by the Supreme Court

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    yes Don I agree, but I also wonder why our govt would not want people to act irresponsibly or insanely as it gets some of them elected and also promotes some businesses.

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