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Thread: Don’t be fooled by Frankens alleged resignation

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    Default Don’t be fooled by Frankens alleged resignation

    Oh the left wants you to think they have found religion on all of this sexual harassment stuff but it is all a political ploy to go after President Trump. This is all being done to revive the good ole “War in Women”

    Here is how it will go down.

    Step 1: Sacrifice Franken as a sign that this isn’t just politics and the left is REALLY serious

    Step 2: Dig up one allegation after another against President Trump

    Step 3: Harass every republican running for office in 2018 asking “will you demand that President Trump resign over these allegations”

    Step 4: Rinse wash repeat all the time screaming WAR ON WOMEN

    It is blatantly obvious.

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    especially given the fact that democrats lose nothing by having franken step down in michigan. the dem gov will appoint another senator. Lets see them do this in a swing state with a republican governor. I'm holding my breath.

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    Grind is basically right

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