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Thread: JPP Content standards that you should be aware of

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    Exclamation JPP Content standards that you should be aware of

    Time for a refresher course because a lot of these issues come up a lot, especially in current events:

    1) Avoid posting NSFW material in current events. We have an entire dedicated sub forum for that stuff. People can be browsing on work and suddenly see dead babies everywhere or people getting hands chopped off or w/e and get in trouble. Don't be careless and put that stuff in threads without warning. In addition to the NSFW forum, we are even willing to not mind nsfw content (generally speaking) if they are wrapped in spoiler tags. To do this, you put the following:


    your sick perverted content here


    (remove the dots)

    This will wrap your content in a spoiler field which will hide your content from view, which people can then choose to click on if they wish. Additionally, if the context/content of your thread could be considered NSFW, you should put the (NSFW) tag in your thread title.

    A one off mistake is whatever, but if you keep making us tag your own shit and wrap spoiler tags for you, there will be problems. If you don't want problems, then the safest bet is to again, use the appropriate sub-forum.

    2) Don't put slurs and other offensive content in titles. If you want it in the body of your posts, fine. But it is not allowed in our titles as we have bots that tweet stuff out.

    3) Don't use current events as your personal soapbox. Too many users use this forum as a catchall space to call out posters. That type of activity should be in either off topic or war zone. Threads of this nature are always insta-closed, and if it becomes a repeat type of thing, could result in small bitch slap bans to get your head right.
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