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Thread: North Tower Exploding

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    Some people did something.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tranquillus in Exile View Post
    This is a well-known video by David Chandler, prolific video maker for AE911truth:

    He says that the collapse front was preceded by a wave of explosions which cut the support columns, so that when the falling mass reached each story it encountered no resistance. Hence the collapse took place at or near "free fall". In so far as there is a truther theory of controlled demolition, this is it.

    How many separate explosive charges would have been required to do this? It's easy to calculate a ball-park figure without knowing anything about demolition technology, and as this is central to their claims I suppose some truthers must have done it. But no figure is mentioned in the video or anywhere in the truther opus that I know of. Can you see why they prefer to avoid it?

    47 core columns
    240 perimeter columns
    70-80 stories up to the impact level.
    There is a lot of convincing evidence that the towers were detonated with skilled accuracy. I believe funny business went on and we can't merely take the reports on word.

    Now, the question remains... Why? For what reasons?

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