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Thread: Facebook attacks white supremacists. But jew-supremacists are OK.

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    Default Facebook attacks white supremacists. But jew-supremacists are OK.

    All jews are jew-supremacists since they call themselves "God's chosen people" but Zuckerberg is cool with that.

    Updated: Sep 14, 2017 6:09 PM ET
    For better or worse, Facebook's ad platform has made it easier than ever to reach niche audiences. The positives of that have been apparent to advertisers for years, but now the downsides are starting to show.
    Specifically, until this week marketers could use anti-Semitic terms and hate speech to reach Nazis and white supremacists via Facebook ads. An investigation by ProPublica revealed that advertisers could target people who list "NaziParty" as their employer or are interested in topics including "jew hater," "how to burn jews," and "history of 'why jews ruin the world'" through promoted posts

    Facebook removed the ad categories after the publication contacted the social network. Facebook claims the categories were generated by information users entered when filling out their profiles. For instance, a Facebook user may have added the description "Jew hater" to his or her profile, and that term would then appear to advertisers as a potential category of users to which ads could be directed.
    Reckless drivers are a bigger threat to you than all other criminals put together!

    The core of liberalism is anti-white racism

    When the guns are gone, EVERYTHING IS GONE.

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