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    Default message from anatta / noise / Cosmic

    they say it sounds like a freight train- it was more of a howling rumble from hell.

    The eye apparently colapsed as it came into Orlando -and a "wall of wind" had the house creaking, and shivering,
    and despite everything being latched up tight wind cam thru as a discernable air current on my skin.

    I was just hoping the windows and roof would survive.

    We all came thru alive, the house is Ok -missing one shingle-and I sincerely never want to do this again.

    Got my power back in 24 hours, but still no teleservices (phone/TV/internet) -despite the fact my sister who lives in the same development has all her's .

    I'm set up here for the duration.

    the freaking XFINITY cable won't even turn on the juice until Duke energy ( also the pits)
    gives the all clear to send in crews starting Monday 12:00..

    I 'll post more later. I am running around like a banshee trying to get thing back in order meantime

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