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Thread: September 23, 2017

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stretch View Post
    Another excellent presentation regarding this date is found here. I highly recommend it.

    This missionary Pastor explains this in very succinct, simple and clear language. Watch it to the end with a calcualtor if you must, but the math is truly obvious ]and simple.

    This guy's got the numbers and WOW, do they ever add up! !!!

    2017 Time for possible Rapture???

    I am assuming September 23 came and went without you being raptured. I certainly did not see anyone being whisked up to heaven.

    Now, you had indicated that you had great confidence in this guy's prediction: "Wow, do his numbers ever add up!!!!" was your quote.

    I a wondering what you think about this guy's prediction now?
    And whether or not you will be duped so easily next a charlatan makes a rapture prediction for his marks?

    I am sure this rapture prediction guy is selling books or something. I have no doubt that this rapture prediction industry is a money making venture for some charlatans and quacks, no?
    Achtung! I generally do not read or respond to half-witted racists, cretins who engage in name-calling, libel, or gossip, and dunces who are just too bloody boring to waste time reading.

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    Even, the missionary pastor mentioned "could". For people to have honest discussion and debate one must listen or read fully the content offered for discussion/debate.

    Why would anyone choose to talk about anything on any topic (politics, religion, sports, etc.) on a forum designed for such purposes if one is not willing to read fully or listen to the content provided any poster?

    I know little or nothing about poker, soccer, computer programing, electrical engineering, auto mechanics, plumbing, beekeeping or how to build a hydroelectric dam. I haven't immersed myself in studying any of those things. People who know nothing of Jesus Christ and His Word are the quickest to judge it, in or out of context. It makes them feel like they know better than God about what's right and wrong, giving themselves a temporary feeling of superiority, importance and self-righteousness.

    If a person has not been born again of the Spirit so they can understand Biblical teaching and immersed themselves in studying God's Word, they can not comprehend it. Sure, we can sometimes recognize real crackpots, charlatans and false teachers, but sadly some can not and get taken for a ride (especially financially). They're out there...the Bible says so. Which brings us back to square one which is why a lot of people get snookered because they haven't thoroughly studied God's Word with understanding.

    We live in a time where we expect quick answers, solutions and wisdom from text messages under 40 words. The Bible is not a Tweet.

    1 Corinthians 2:14
    The person without the Spirit does not accept the things that come from the Spirit of God but considers them foolishness, and cannot understand them because they are discerned only through the Spirit.
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