In Washington D.C., Laws, Logic and Terminology work a bit differently than in the real world.

1] AGW is Established, proven science, the debate is over.... Translation: There's nothing scientific about it, the evidence is faked, and the debate is just beginning.

2] There were Draconian Cuts to the... Translation: The amount in the budget increased, just not as much as the silly amount demanded.

3] The Right to Choose... Translation: You get to kill an innocent baby for convience.

4] White Privilege means.... Translation: Being born a White-Male places you last on the list and at a significant disadvantage for just about everything that counts.

So, after 8 years of Obama committing 100s of acts which actually warranted impeachment and removal from office, and nothing was ever done...

It makes a perverse kind of Washington D.C. sense that 5 weeks into the new Trump Administration, when the President has done nothing warranting even Congressional Censure, much less Impeachment...

I guess it is probably likely under the rules, logic and perverse nature of Washington D.C. that Trump is actually going to be impeached.

What's your best guess?