Seth Rich, a 27-year-old computer-voting specialist at the DNC, was murdered in Washington, D.C. after the Wikileak of 30,000 internal DNC emails led to the firing of top Democrat officials.

Cops suspected Rich was a victim of a robbery, except there was an apparent anomaly: Police found his wallet, credit cards and cellphone on his body.

Julian Assange announced he was offering a $20,000 reward for information leading to a conviction in the Rich case. He hinted that the slain man had been a source in his organization's recent publication of 30,000 internal DNC emails.

“I am suggesting,” Assange said, “that our sources take risks.”

DC Police Chief Cathy Lanier said, “Right now we have more questions than answers." No suspects have been arrested, despite the MPD’s $25,000 reward for information.