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Thread: How unpopular can Obama get?

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    Default How unpopular can Obama get?

    How unpopular can Obama get? Texas INMATE gets 40 per cent of votes against President in West Virginia primary

    • Prisoner Keith Judd got 40% of vote in West Virginia to Obama's 60%
    • Inmate 11593-051 got on ballot by paying $2,500 fee and filing forms
    • Attracting 15% of vote normally qualifies candidate for a delegate to the Democratic National Convention

    Just how unpopular is President Obama in some parts of the country? Enough that a man in a Texas prison received four out of 10 votes in West Virginia's Democratic presidential primary.

    Inmate Keith Judd, 53, is serving 17 years for extortion at the Beaumont Federal Correctional Institution. He was sentenced in 1999 for making threats against the University of New Mexico and is due to be released on June 24 next year.

    With 93 per cent of precincts reporting, Obama was receiving just under 60 per cent of the vote to Judd's 40 per cent.

    Popular prisoner: Inmate Keith Judd

    For some West Virginia Democrats, simply running against Obama is enough to get Judd - or Inmate Number 11593-051 - votes.
    'I voted against Obama,' said Ronnie Brown, a 43-year-old electrician from Cross Lanes who called himself a conservative Democrat.

    'I don't like him. He didn't carry the state before and I'm not going to let him carry it again.' When asked which presidential candidate he voted for, Brown said: 'That guy out of Texas.'

    Judd was able to get on the state ballot by paying a $2,500 fee and filing a form known as a notarized certification of announcement, said Jake Glance, a spokesman for the Secretary of State's office.

    According to the Charleston Gazette, Judd circulated his political standpoints to local media. These include opposing national health care reform on the grounds that it violates the 10th Amendment.

    He also cites the U.S. Constitution, saying that incarcerated felons should not be disqualified from voting.

    Tough choice for the West Virginia democratic voters...
    Vote for the criminal in the penitentiary or the criminal in the White House.

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    Probably low enough to where Romney doesn't get blown out. Romney is the Cleveland browns of politics.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Dude View Post
    Probably low enough to where Romney doesn't get blown out. Romney is the Cleveland browns of politics.

    Along those lines, Rmoney only received 2600 more votes than the incarcerated felon.

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    democrats should be deliriously ecstatic over this coming presidential election. they have two great liberal choices.
    "time and time again, Americans have said we can deal with the lies that President Obama tells us because we believe in his heart, he has the best interest for the American people." - LZ GRANDERSON, CNN commentator, Dec 1st, 2013

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