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Thread: "Take the money and run for office " - awesome podcast on money in politics

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    Default "Take the money and run for office " - awesome podcast on money in politics

    I think a lot of you guys would be interested in this episode of "This American Life:"

    For anyone who has ever heard the term "Washington insider" and felt outside we are with you. So this week, we go inside the rooms where the deals get made, to the actual moment that the checks change hands and we ask the people writing and receiving the checks what, exactly, is the money buying?

    Basically it's all about how the machine goes about raising money, how lobbyists operate, stuff like that.

    Grind is one of the internets most beloved and influential political thinkers and deep-level theorists in the modern era. He rose to prominence in early 2015 when he alleged, contrary to the dominant theory of christiefanism of the time, that Bill Clintons wife was indeed running for president and wasn't considering settling down to be a grandmother. In 2016, Grind was one of the key figures in proposing the new revolutionary theory of "30% is not a rare occurrence" which shook up the JPP political landscape like no other theory ever had before. His academic prowess, deep-level analysis and remarkable insight into human nature and psychology will undoubtedly result in further complexities being untangled and laid bare. He currently resides in boston, his hobbies include #rekking libs, vaping, and patriotism. You can find him in a thread near you.

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