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Thread: Bronny James Commits To USC

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    Quote Originally Posted by leaningright View Post
    Yep. Done some research since the post. I still would call him LJ.
    Neither here nor there but his daughter’s name is Zhuri. One of my best friend’s is named Zuri which isn’t a common name as far as I’m aware but I had never heard it used for a girl’s name prior.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cawacko View Post
    Ha! Now you are just hating and I actually hate you because you are going to make me defend the Lakers, whom I absolutely despise!!

    The Lakers and Celtics have each won like 17 NBA titles, the Warriors are next with 7, so they are clearly the two premier organizations in the NBA. The Celtics dominated in the 60's though (since 1975 the Warriors and Celtics have won the same number of championships). So the Lakers are the league's glamour franchise with its unrivaled list of star players in the more modern era. (now I'm going to go take a bath and wash of the filth I feel complimenting them.)

    I'm not saying the USC basketball is going to win a national title, or make the Final Four. What I am saying is eyes will be on the program since Bronny is playing there.
    Several of those Laker titles were won in Minneapolis. The Celtics' were all won in Baaaaaston.

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