Eating clean is eating for the nutrition label combined with what the so called experts (they are almost never right) tell you you should eat. Clean living also means living in a way that does not harm the planet. It generally also means exercising and keeping your mind well functioning, perhaps by doing yoga. Very limited drinking is allowed. Your living spaces should be minimal or at least minimalist, with extra credit for the cold industrial look. It means focusing on living long rather than living well.

I am not a fan, I believe the just as with sex the best is messy. I also believe in making the best of everyday, I am not willing to sacrifice the quality of my life in the pursuit of WOKE ideology and attempts at long life.

I know that there are people who strenuously do not agree with me here.

NOTE: I am on emergency 90 day clean living, because of my A1C.

I am less than thrilled.